Fruit and Vegetable Names That Start with "X"

If you will search online for fruit and vegetable names that begin with the 24th letter of the alphabet, you may come across with three names: xigua, xylocarp and ximenia.

Xigua is actually Chinese for watermelon while xylocarp refers to any hard, woody fruit that grows on trees like the coconut. Ximenia is the sole fruit commonly known with a name that starts with the letter “X.”



Ximenia is a round to oval fruit with smooth skin that starts green and then turns yellowish to orange-red when ripe. Inside is a yellow-brown seed and a juicy orange to red flesh that tastes sour. It has different names in different countries where it grows, but it is also called by its scientific name, Ximenia, derived from the name of Francisco Ximénez, a Spanish friar who wrote about the plants of Mexico in the 17th century. The fruit is best eaten when somewhat overripe. It is used as a drink and in making jams, desserts and jelly. Oil is extracted from the seeds to be used as a softening agent. The leaves, bark, roots and even the fruit itself are also used in traditional medicine for various ailments.